pub struct PlatformOverrideTask {
Show 26 fields pub clear: Option<bool>, pub disabled: Option<bool>, pub private: Option<bool>, pub deprecated: Option<DeprecationInfo>, pub extend: Option<String>, pub plugin: Option<String>, pub watch: Option<TaskWatchOptions>, pub condition: Option<TaskCondition>, pub condition_script: Option<Vec<String>>, pub ignore_errors: Option<bool>, pub force: Option<bool>, pub env_files: Option<Vec<EnvFile>>, pub env: Option<IndexMap<String, EnvValue>>, pub cwd: Option<String>, pub install_crate: Option<InstallCrate>, pub install_crate_args: Option<Vec<String>>, pub install_script: Option<ScriptValue>, pub command: Option<String>, pub args: Option<Vec<String>>, pub script: Option<ScriptValue>, pub script_runner: Option<String>, pub script_runner_args: Option<Vec<String>>, pub script_extension: Option<String>, pub run_task: Option<RunTaskInfo>, pub dependencies: Option<Vec<DependencyIdentifier>>, pub toolchain: Option<ToolchainSpecifier>,
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Holds a single task configuration for a specific platform as an override of another task


clear: Option<bool>

if true, it should ignore all data in base task

disabled: Option<bool>

if true, the command/script of this task will not be invoked, dependencies however will be

private: Option<bool>

if true, the task is hidden from the list of available tasks and also cannot be invoked directly from cli

deprecated: Option<DeprecationInfo>

if not false, this task is defined as deprecated

extend: Option<String>

Extend any task based on the defined name

plugin: Option<String>

Optional plugin used to execute the task

watch: Option<TaskWatchOptions>

set to true to watch for file changes and invoke the task operation

condition: Option<TaskCondition>

if provided all condition values must be met in order for the task to be invoked (will not stop dependencies)

condition_script: Option<Vec<String>>

if script exit code is not 0, the command/script of this task will not be invoked, dependencies however will be

ignore_errors: Option<bool>

if true, any error while executing the task will be printed but will not break the build

force: Option<bool>

DEPRECATED, replaced with ignore_errors

env_files: Option<Vec<EnvFile>>

The env files to setup before running the task commands

env: Option<IndexMap<String, EnvValue>>

The env vars to setup before running the task commands

cwd: Option<String>

The working directory for the task to execute its command/script

install_crate: Option<InstallCrate>

if defined, the provided crate will be installed (if needed) before running the task

install_crate_args: Option<Vec<String>>

additional cargo install arguments

install_script: Option<ScriptValue>

if defined, the provided script will be executed before running the task

command: Option<String>

The command to execute

args: Option<Vec<String>>

The command args

script: Option<ScriptValue>

If command is not defined, and script is defined, the provided script will be executed

script_runner: Option<String>

The script runner (defaults to cmd in windows and sh for other platforms)

script_runner_args: Option<Vec<String>>

The script runner arguments before the script file path

script_extension: Option<String>

The script file extension

run_task: Option<RunTaskInfo>

The task name to execute

dependencies: Option<Vec<DependencyIdentifier>>

A list of tasks to execute before this task

toolchain: Option<ToolchainSpecifier>

The rust toolchain used to invoke the command or install the needed crates/components


Copies values from the task into self.

  • task - The task to copy from

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