[][src]Struct cli::types::FlowInfo

pub struct FlowInfo {
    pub config: Config,
    pub task: String,
    pub env_info: EnvInfo,
    pub disable_workspace: bool,
    pub disable_on_error: bool,
    pub allow_private: bool,
    pub skip_init_end_tasks: bool,
    pub cli_arguments: Option<Vec<String>>,

Holds flow information


config: Config

The flow config object

task: String

The main task of the flow

env_info: EnvInfo

The env info

disable_workspace: bool

Prevent workspace support

disable_on_error: bool

Prevent on error flow even if defined in config section

allow_private: bool

Allow invocation of private tasks

skip_init_end_tasks: bool

If true, the init and end tasks are skipped

cli_arguments: Option<Vec<String>>

additional command line arguments

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FlowInfo[src]

impl Debug for FlowInfo[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for FlowInfo

impl Send for FlowInfo

impl Sync for FlowInfo

impl Unpin for FlowInfo

impl UnwindSafe for FlowInfo

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