[][src]Struct cli::types::ConfigSection

pub struct ConfigSection {
    pub skip_core_tasks: Option<bool>,
    pub modify_core_tasks: Option<ModifyConfig>,
    pub init_task: Option<String>,
    pub end_task: Option<String>,
    pub on_error_task: Option<String>,
    pub legacy_migration_task: Option<String>,
    pub additional_profiles: Option<Vec<String>>,
    pub min_version: Option<String>,
    pub default_to_workspace: Option<bool>,
    pub reduce_output: Option<bool>,
    pub time_summary: Option<bool>,
    pub load_cargo_aliases: Option<bool>,
    pub main_project_member: Option<String>,
    pub load_script: Option<ScriptValue>,
    pub linux_load_script: Option<ScriptValue>,
    pub windows_load_script: Option<ScriptValue>,
    pub mac_load_script: Option<ScriptValue>,

Holds the configuration found in the makefile toml config section.


skip_core_tasks: Option<bool>

If true, the default core tasks will not be loaded

modify_core_tasks: Option<ModifyConfig>

Modify core tasks config

init_task: Option<String>

Init task name which will be invoked at the start of every run

end_task: Option<String>

End task name which will be invoked at the end of every run

on_error_task: Option<String>

The name of the task to run in case of any error during the invocation of the flow

legacy_migration_task: Option<String>

The name of the task which runs legacy migration flows

additional_profiles: Option<Vec<String>>

Additional profile names to load

min_version: Option<String>

Minimum cargo-make/makers version

default_to_workspace: Option<bool>

The task.workspace default value

reduce_output: Option<bool>

True to reduce console output for non CI execution

time_summary: Option<bool>

True to print time summary at the end of the flow

load_cargo_aliases: Option<bool>

Automatically load cargo aliases as cargo-make tasks

main_project_member: Option<String>

The project information member (used by workspaces)

load_script: Option<ScriptValue>

Invoked while loading the descriptor file but before loading any extended descriptor

linux_load_script: Option<ScriptValue>

acts like load_script if runtime OS is Linux (takes precedence over load_script)

windows_load_script: Option<ScriptValue>

acts like load_script if runtime OS is Windows (takes precedence over load_script)

mac_load_script: Option<ScriptValue>

acts like load_script if runtime OS is Mac (takes precedence over load_script)


impl ConfigSection[src]

pub fn new() -> ConfigSection[src]

Creates and returns a new instance.

pub fn apply(self: &mut ConfigSection, modify_config: &ModifyConfig)[src]

Apply modifications

pub fn extend(self: &mut ConfigSection, extended: &mut ConfigSection)[src]

Copies values from the config section into self.


  • task - The task to copy from

pub fn get_load_script(self: &ConfigSection) -> Option<ScriptValue>[src]

Returns the load script based on the current platform

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ConfigSection[src]

impl Debug for ConfigSection[src]

impl Default for ConfigSection[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for ConfigSection[src]

impl Serialize for ConfigSection[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ConfigSection[src]

impl Send for ConfigSection[src]

impl Sync for ConfigSection[src]

impl Unpin for ConfigSection[src]

impl UnwindSafe for ConfigSection[src]

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