Struct cargo_make::types::CliArgs [] [src]

pub struct CliArgs {
    pub build_file: String,
    pub task: String,
    pub log_level: String,
    pub cwd: Option<String>,
    pub env: Option<Vec<String>>,
    pub disable_workspace: bool,
    pub print_only: bool,
    pub list_all_steps: bool,
    pub disable_check_for_updates: bool,
    pub experimental: bool,

Holds CLI args


The external Makefile.toml path

The task to invoke

Log level name

Current working directory

Environment variables

Prevent workspace support

Only print the execution plan

List all known steps

Disables the update check during startup

Allows access unsupported experimental predefined tasks


impl CliArgs


Creates and returns a new instance.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for CliArgs


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impl Clone for CliArgs


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Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for CliArgs

impl Sync for CliArgs